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Ethical Customer Data by Design

If you are working with customer data, you want to ensure that your data collection practices are fair and transparent. This will help you to:

1. trust with your customers,

2. increase efficiency of your marketing and

3. enhance quality of your customer database.

Join our training to learn how to evaluate your data collection processes

and build a data strategy that is ethical by design.



Register here by 20th of November.



First online session start on the 29th of November at 2pm. 


October 29

Introduction to fair and transparent data collection

November 12

Learn how to evaluate your company's data practices and opportunities to adopt a fair and transparent data approach in sales and marketing

November 26

Create ethical data strategy based on your self-evaluation and learn how to get buy-in from your stakeholders

December 10

Learn about new solutions or tools for ethical data and how to operationalise your data strategy

Private sessions

The training includes an intake session and two follow-up sessions that are organised one to one

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